Our Supporters

AccessEd relies on the generous donations of individuals, foundations, corporations, and the local community to empower financially stressed families in the East Bay through free educational consulting and school-based advocacy, and provide needs-based scholarships for supplemental educational services.

We are very grateful to the individuals (who will remain anonymous), foundations, and corporations for their donations.

Foundations and Corporations

Our mission is to positively impact the growth and well-being of children and the elderly in the communities we serve. To do so, Intero agents & employees raise and donate money to local organizations that focus on supporting and assisting children and the elderly in the areas of education, health services, and personal development.
I think that education gets the most ROI of anything having to do with kids and the world for that matter. I think we all can remember how difficult some schooling was at times. Hopefully this will add to the students self confidence.

Individual trusts

Newman & Montella

Ellen Newman

Diane Turriff

The James Irvine Foundation

Esther Rogers and Rob DeBare

Cycle Giving