AccessEd Foundation empowers low-income families in the East Bay to access community resources. We do this through pro bono educational consulting, targeted referrals to high-quality network providers, and need-based financial aid.

How can I afford the cost of tutoring for my child?

We know that tutoring is expensive, even when a provider offers a sliding scale. AccessEd never funds 100% of tuition costs; rather, we consider a student’s real needs and make up the difference between what the tuition would cost at the lowest end of the provider’s sliding scale and what is actually feasible for a family.

For example, if your student needs two hours of math tutoring per week, this will cost you, depending on the provider, around $150 per week, or $600 per month. If you can afford a family contribution of $200 per month, AccessEd will supplement the $400 difference.

AccessEd Scholarship = Cost of Tutoring – Family Contribution

We will determine a family contribution that works for you during our intake meeting. If you decide to accept a scholarship, you will be required to document your income information with basic tax and wage/salary paperwork.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

We’re currently only working with returning families. If you were referred to us, please contact us to request an application.

What happens next?

We will follow up to invite you to an in-depth consultation to determine your specific needs and the details of the scholarship.