Who We Are

AccessEd is a local grassroots non-profit committed to supplementing the efforts of Bay Area schools to address the achievement and opportunity gaps and to foster social and economic justice through education. We promote equitable access to learning by providing comprehensive educational consulting and needs-based scholarships for families of K-12 students.

Why We Do What We Do

Our collective experiences as educators, parents, and community activists tell us that many families in the Bay Area cannot afford access to crucial educational support services that they know would ensure their students’ academic success.  We have seen so many students who were unable to get the help they needed because their families could not afford to hire a tutor, pay for a psycho-educational evaluation, or engage a counselor to help a teen through a tough time. Sadly, and sometimes tragically, students fall through the cracks of economic inequity every day in the Bay Area. The research is clear: continued academic struggles cause students to blame themselves, to disengage from school, and too often to choose the path of least resistance by underachieving, or even dropping out altogether.

So here we are, trying in one small way to close the achievement gap at the grassroots level–one student at a time. We believe that all students should have access to educational support services to get a boost in a subject area, to learn study skills, or to get a vision check-up in order to read textbooks effectively. AccessEd relies on like-minded members of our communities to help us help others because we believe that that’s how we can all work toward a more socially just and equitable world for our children.

How We Do What We Do

  • We start with pro bono educational consulting to help families understand the complexities of their children’s academic pathway.
  • Next, we identify matching resources in our provider network for a referral.
  • Families then communicate directly with the provider and arrange the needed services.
  • We offer need-based financial aid to subsidize the out-of-pocket cost to the family.
  • Throughout a family’s enrollment, we provide check-ins, consultations, and school-based advocacy.